Applications to manage and care for your personal finances


Applications to manage  your personal finances, you no longer need a pen, a notepad and a calculator. Technology is now a great ally when it comes to responsibly managing your income, expenses and investments.

 Mobile applications are programs that you can download free of charge on your mobile phone. They don’t take up much space and allow you to be informed, have fun or stay connected with your friends and family. There are apps for everything and everyone, so you’ll never be in trouble.

Applications to manag
Applications to manag

If you want to manage your finances better. There are many applications that you have available to divide the money you count on. Pay your responsibilities, have clear a limit of expenses, make projections of savings and much more.

We recommend some that you can rehearse. Explore them and stay with the one that best suits your needs. Be wise by adding the data that the app asks for. And of course, taking the intentions to take care of your personal finances to reality.

It allows you to record how much money you have in your bank account. Your expenses and the information of your purchases by credit card to make a better administration of this. From this data you can build a personal budget and keep up to date on what you spend and in what, in this way you avoid acquiring or aggravating financial problems.

 Daily Expenses 3

As you register your exits in this application, you can group them by categories (food, fun, education, petrol, restaurant, clothing, health, etc.). The information will be reflected in a chart that will show you where your silver is going and if you are spending too much on entertainment, for example, and not on savings.

 Expense Control

This application will allow you to control both the money you have in your bank account and the cash you charge. You will be able to enter your debts (the number of fees you must pay and their value) to be re-calculated with every credit you make. If you don’t understand something, look for the Help menu option in order to better understand how the app works and how you can use it to support your personal finances.

Blue coins Personal Finances

After choosing the currency of your country, take advantage of the demonstration of the app to understand its possibilities. On the main page you will see different charts that show your expenses per day, the categories in which your exits are classified, among other data. In the Minutes option you can see the total list of outputs and, in reminders, activate alerts that remind you of the payment of your financial commitments

My finances

Easily create a list of your expenses and income, which you will find in weekly, monthly and yearly reports. As you record the information, the amount of money you have and what you have consumed will be re-calculated. From this, the app will tell you if you’re overstepping or if your finances are balanced.


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