Frank Lucas dies the drug dealer who inspired `American Gangster`


Frank Lucas, one of the best-known drug dealers in the US and whose story inspired the movie “American Gangster,” has died at 88 years of age,US media reported.

Lucas died Thursday in New Jersey, when he was transferred to the hospital, his family said, without disclosing the exact causes of death.

The narco-trafficker of the New York City suburb of Harlem, played by Denzel Washington in the 2007 film “American Gangster”, became a government collaborator in 1975 and his leaks led to the prosecution of several gangsters.

Chauffeur of the capo of the New York black mafia, Lucas managed to take over the heroin traffic of the city on the death of his boss.

In the film, directed by Ridley Scott and co-interpreted by Russell Crowe, it is told how Lucas used the coffins of American soldiers brought from Vietnam to distribute heroin in Harlem.

The drug trade ostensibly enriched him in the 60s, when he rubbed shoulders with the elites of cinema, politics and business.

Arrested in the mid-70s, he was sentenced to decades of prison, which were reduced by his collaboration with the authorities.

Frank Lucas

La Grange, North Carolina September 9, 1930 – New Jersey, May 30, 2019 was an American heroine drug dealer and organized crime leader in Harlem between the late 1960s and the early 1970s.


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