Microsoft incorporates Bitcoin into the list of currencies handled by Excel


The good news does not stop arriving for the crypto verse and is that Microsoft continues to show that its interest in blockchain and Bitcoin is not temporary, since recently it has added the famous Bitcoin symbol to one of its emblematic programs such as Excel, although still without confirm.

The technological company that owns some of the most used software in the world, Microsoft, formalized the incorporation of Bitcoin as a currency among the options of its Excel program.

According to reports published by various digital media, the program for the design of spreadsheets has already integrated Bitcoin into its list of qualified currencies, appearing alongside several of the most reputable currencies in the world as Bitcoin. the pound sterling, the US dollar, the euro and the yen.

It was also reported by several users through the social network Twitter, who published some screenshots in which they showed the incorporation of Bitcoin in the list.

The news generated a lot of stir within the ecosystem of the digital currency, since the measure, despite not being as relevant as an announcement by a government or a financial entity, gives greater legitimacy to the cryptocurrency at least among the users of the digital currency. Microsoft Excel, since it is one of the most used programs by workers and students around the world.

Microsoft and Bitcoin

The technology company has a somewhat ambivalent history in relation to the use of digital currencies as a means of payment for products and services.

Originally, Microsoft announced a few years ago that it accepted Bitcoin payments for downloadable applications and programs through its online store. However, at some point, some users realized that the company had eliminated this possibility, opening the way for debates and discussions about the nature of this measure.

The fact is that although the possibility of BTC payments is still open, Microsoft showed much more interest in the underlying technology of digital currencies, which led to the creation of its own line of Block chain services under the direction of Microsoft Azure.

Currently, Microsoft is one of the solutions developers that take advantage of Blockchain technology in this new technological era. It also appears as one of the main investors within the Bakkt platform, which trades with future Bitcoin.


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