Natti Natasha flirts with Bad Bunny. Wow! What did you mean by your comment?


Natti Natasha dedicated a message to her colleague Bad Bunny who has unleashed speculation among her fans..

The singers, who recorded the theme Together “Lovers of a Night”, under the label Pina Records, really have a lot of chemistry when they are sharing scene.

However, the fit of the image shared by Natti Natasha, her followers understood it as an act of flirting. Many even wonder whether there is an alleged romance among talented young people.

“I’m a vegetarian, but I eat the rabbit @badbunnypr #DuraRemix,” wrote the Dominican artist along with the image that shows them together at the Latin Billboard Awards, which aired last night Telemundo. Both were part of the Magna presentation of the remix of the popular theme of Daddy Yankee, with the singer Becky G and the Cangri. During the presentation Bad Bunny and Natasha Natti flirted on stage and danced together.

Fans of Urban music singers commented on the image that Natti Natasha published in Instagram. “We know that already,” said a follower. Meanwhile, others stressed that they make a good couple. “They look cute the two” and “nice couple they make”, were some phrases from their fans. Someone else told them they look good together.  “They make a nice couple,” he said.

However, some were more direct and asked Natti Natasha if they are a couple. “Are you boyfriends?”, a fan questioned.

There were those who said that the singers actually have an affair. “These two are couple, no doubt,” pointed out another of his followers in Instagram. On the other hand, a fanatic warned them that if they are not, it seems that they will end up in romance. “You’ll end up together ja, ha, ja @badbunnypr @nattinatasha,” he assured them.


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