Technology and solutions to reach the end of the day with battery in the mobile


Few sensations have to cause more anxiety to run out of battery in the phone mid-afternoon, especially if we have a pending issue or what to say if we are traveling. Mobile manufacturers are gradually incorporating new solutions based on technology and software that manage to balance the difficult balance between a compact design and a reasonable battery life. On the other hand, the market is more than an assortment of interesting solutions that can save us the disgust. How to get Dodge a blackout on your mobile?

Activate energy saving when the day is present long

Mentioned the software-based solutions before, the most modern versions of the operating systems have an energy-saving function that optimizes mobile performance to promote autonomy.

Modern mobiles have all kinds of sensors and features that are wearing down the battery life for hours, and the reality is that in most cases we can survive without animations on the screen or a dazzling brightness that shows the Content in all its splendor.

Although the energy saving is activated automatically as soon as the system detects that the battery drops from a certain percentage, if it is known in advance that we are before a long day, this mode can be forced manually.

To activate this mode you must follow these steps in an Android and these others on the iPhone.

Take advantage of fast charging (also on portable batteries)

The most modern mobiles have the call fast charge, a way to replenish the battery of the device in times that can be less than half of the conventional load, a circumstance that in situations of trouble will come to us with pearls.

The idea is to charge a few minutes mobile to hold a few hours using it. In this sense, carrying on the charger can be a great idea when we are near a plug, but it is even more interesting to carry an external battery (the Classics powerbanks), which in its most modern models allow fast loading.

In the market there are many options like this reference RAVPower, or those looking for something more complete and want to even load the laptop via USB-C, the modern Powerstation XXL of Mophie.

Never leave home without cables or adapters

The good traveler becomes opportunistic, and knows that more and more places where there is available to the user USB ports in which to load devices, such as cafes or hotels (although experts warn of the potential dangers of connecting to USB public).

In this sense, carrying a charger cable can always be interesting and some manufacturers of accessories disguise them even in keychain format, reaching ridiculous sizes or even offering multiple connectors in an extremely large Compact. They also play dismissal with compact portable batteries, which we can find hidden even in wallets.


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