The trick to answer WHATSAPP messages without opening the chat


Did you happen to want to use WHATSAPP but do not want to change your last connection time or leave anyone in sight? The solution already exists for IOS and Android and we tell you how to get it.

We all have happened: claims for the last hour of connection to WHATSAPP or the classic horror “Why Did you leave me in sight?”. And we have all done: do not open WhatsApp although we are looking for the Chamo, friends, school, etc. But did you know that there is a way to answer messages without the need to open the APP and therefore not modify your last connection time or leave anyone in sight?

Yes, there is, in fact it exists for some time and is available for IOS and Android. We explain step by step how to use it.

It’s very easy. It is made using the 3d Touch technology of the IPhone. When your phone is blocked and you get notifications from WhatsApp, leave your finger by clicking on the notification and voila! Immediately you open the Keyboard to respond without changing your connection time, appear “online” or you get the terrifying blue popcorn.

In the case of Android, what we will have to do is move down the notification of the system that includes the message of WHATSAPP, then press the option that says “reply” or “Reply to”, and once we put the message we just have to press the “Send” icon.


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