Tips to make your hair smell good all day long


Tips to make your hair smell good all day long, Think of this everyday scene:

you get up in the morning, you bathe and when you get out of the shower your hair has a very rich smell, which of course you love. The problem is that during the course of the day the aroma will be lost, because our hair is exposed to dust and contaminants in the environment.
To make this no longer happen to you, we share some tips with which you can make your hair smell rich all day long. Put them into practice and tell us how you did!

Tips to make your hair smell good all day long
Tips to make your hair smell good all day long

#1 Dry Shampoo

This type of shampoo, in addition to helping to keep your hair clean, contributes to recover the rich aroma that leave in it the other products you use for your care.

#2 Same Aroma

Choosing a similar aroma-or even the same-in all your hair products (shampoo, conditioner, treatments, etc.) will help you to better fix your hair.

#3 moderates the use of fixatives

For the ingredients they contain, the aroma of the gel, the foam to mold and the lacquer (spray) can be very dominant in your hair. Try not to use them too much and choose the ones with the most neutral weapon.

#4 avoids the dryer

As far as possible, put the dryer aside. This device, as well as drying and damaging your hair if you use it too much. It can leave a not very pleasant aroma (like moisture or something that is about to burn).

Do not forget to apply a heat shield every time you use the iron, tongs or any tool that uses heat to style your hair. Make sure the Protector has a similar aroma to your shampoo.

#5 Perfume

Believe it or not, there are already perfumes for the hair. Chanel, Hei Poa, Christian Dior, L’Oréal Paris, Nuxe, Moroccanoil and Rahua are some of the brands that offer this kind of beauty products.

If you don’t get a special fragrance for hair. You can apply a little bit of your usual perfume on the brush and comb your scalp. Do not apply directly or use too much, otherwise it will dry your hair.

#6 Goodbye Cigar

It is not a novelty that the aroma of the cigar is impregnated in your clothes every time you smoke. But did you know that the same thing happens with your hair? If you can’t leave the cigar completely, avoid smoking in closed places like your car.

#7 Clean Brush

It is very important that you wash your brush constantly. To keep it clean and not to transmit any unpleasant smells to your hair. The same applies to your pillowcase, handkerchiefs, bicycle helmet, hat and anything that has contact with your hair.


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