Trump tells Iran to “never” threaten the US again


US President Donald Trump on Sunday warned Iran to “never” threaten his country again and indicated that if Tehran wants to fight it will be its “official end”.

“If Iran wants to fight, that will be the official end of Iran, never threaten the United States again!” The governor posted on his Twitter account, amid growing tension between the two countries.

Trump spoke hours after the commander-in-chief of the Revolutionary Guards, Hosein Salamí, affirmed on Sunday that Iran does not fear a war, but the United States does.

“We do not seek war, but neither do we fear it, this is the difference with them (the Americans), who are afraid of the war and have no will for it,” he said in a speech during a military ceremony broadcast on state television. .


The United States has decided to deploy the amphibious assault ship USS Arlington, Patriot missiles, the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln and bombers in the Persian Gulf, after denouncing that it had detected “indications” of Iranian offensive plans against its forces in the Middle East.

However, at the moment, neither the Defense portfolio nor the State Department have disclosed evidence or informed the media, which has generated skepticism both among the opposition and among some of its main allies.

This Friday, Trump criticized the media “fallacious” for making an “inaccurate” coverage of the tension with Iran, but celebrated that this type of incorrect information keeps Tehran without knowing “what to think”.

“The Facts Media are harming our country with its fraudulent and highly inaccurate coverage of Iran, it is a distraction, barely grounded in (invented) sources and it is a DANGER,” the president said on Twitter.

Trump also went on to the side of versions on his supposed “angry” with his team for the American response to tensions with Iran, and defended the management of his national security adviser John Bolton and his Secretary of State.



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